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We are beginning to work with translating our Mission Statement into a vision for the congregation as we learn how to do ministry differently.
Here is that Mission Statement.  As a people, we are a community called to care, to share, and to feed all of God's people.
Over the years of being a pastor, I have had a lot of people stop by the church I was serving at the time and ask for help or call and see if we can help with a utility bill or the rent.  This particular congregation donates money to many benevolence projects which are local and to the Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to help in "feeding all of God's people" the earthly things they might need.  We are supporters and leaders in the Vineyard and the Shepherd's Community Health Center.  A percentage of each dollar contributed to our church general offerings go in support of the Vineyard, the SAM program, Lutheran Camping Ministry, the Lutheran Ministry Center debt repayment, Lutheran Social Services and other ministries.
But it is not just food on the table by which we ministry to "feed all people".  We do many things which provide opportunities for spiritual growth of members and friends.  I am encouraged by those of you who eagerly look forward to the weekly e-mail about the church.  If you are not on this ministry of our church send me a request via our e-mail address and I will be glad to add you.  You will receive the last week's sermon, those who are in our prayers, something about our last week children's time, and a weekly devotional.  That email address again is 
If you would like to support the ministry and outreach of our church, your donations can be sent to our mailing and physical address:  1500 E. FM 351, Beeville, TX 782102-2900.
Until next time when I will share a little more about our Mission in Beeville and the world, this is
Pastor Don Taylor